I never did an #introduction!

Hi, I'm Max. I live in #NYC and do #journalism at PCMag where I cover #infosec, #security, and #privacy. I also write reviews of #VPN and professionally complain about #capitalism. I'm the Unit Chair of the ZDCG #union and moonlight as a #labor organizer. If you want to learn about how to unionize your workplace, plz DM me. I play #banjo badly and think about #medieval literature. I'm spending too much money on #fountainpens.

@maxeddy As a fellow analogue and fountain pen enthusiast, hello Max!

What pens are you rocking/spending too much on?

@pete Hello! I just got a Caran D'Ache 849 which I like a lot but the medium nib on it just puts out a ton more ink than the Kaweco Sport fine nib I've been using. I also just ordered this which I absolutely do not need but desire greatly.

@maxeddy @pete

Ooh, lovely! Despite its historical associations with crankishness, I adore green ink.

Currently my daily-carry pens are both older than my parents ― an Eversharp Slim Ventura (sterling body) and a Sheaffer Snorkel with Triumph nib, both fine.


@publius @maxeddy I’ve seen that Sheaffer before in a video review, quite a classic. I must live in a cave, as this is the first I’m hearing of cranky green ink users.

@pete @maxeddy

My understanding is that "green ink" refers to cranks in British journalism, because circa 1900, when the letters column of the London "Times" was the great forum of public debate, the editors noticed that the strangest or most perseverative letters they got were often written in that colour.

@publius @maxeddy That’s a really interesting history lesson, thanks for sharing that. I think I’ll still take my chances and get a green ink at some point. Besides, I’m relatively cranky at times so I think I can pull it off. 😂

@pete @maxeddy

Pelican Edelstein Aventurine, Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku, Caran d'Ache Amazon, Herbin Lierre Sauvage, Akkerman Bezuidenwoed-Green, Manufactum Smaragdgrün (private-label for a high-end German department store)… even the bog-standard Pelikan green in a pinch, although it's a bit blue for my taste. I prefer them a little more on the yellowish side.

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